so, my name's nephro. i go by it/its and also by lobster cookie! here are my flags!

i'm a minor, fictionkin, self-identified nijikon, autism and c-ptsd haver, and 2d artist and cookie run enjoyer that thinks twitter and tiktok kinnies are super, super lame!

i have a girlfriend (jelly/jellypog) and what i call a waifu (mocha ray cookie)! i love them both very much mwah mwah kissy

i don't like sharing much other personal information, so here's a list of things i enjoy!

cookie run (current hyperfixation!), friday night funkin, splatoon, ena, serial experiments lain, neon genesis evagilion, some psychological horror manga, my lesbian experience with loneliness, techno/speedcore/hardcore music, preferably-older vocaloid, videogame fuck-ups and betas, dakimakura hobbyism, 2d and 3d art, html and css goodies, old and out-of-date programs/freeware, and more! just go dig around, fuck around, and find out.

i think most internet "discourse", espessially on twitter and about the lgbt+ community, ends up being totally useless. same with mental health discourse, because for some reason people just like being anti-recovery on that hellsite. i consider myself a leftist that envies centrists for not caring about how much the world sucks. my friends describe me as "probably will be reincarnated into a hamster" due to my impulse control and attention span. i have cried at least once because the dumb cookie women aren't real. millenials fear me, and so do zoomers. my most often complaints in class is that i refuse to shut the fuck up for once in my life, but said in a nicer way by teachers. i impulse bought the entire lonely-lesbian manga series because of one panel i found scanned online. i believe in preciousleaf supremacy. i have no idea if tulpamancy is real or not but either way mind-girlfriends sound based as fuck. i hate twitter users my own age, below my age, and above my age. MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW did i mention i am completely insane

i made this site in...a slight of rage against some random twitter discourse, which made me remember neocities existed, and thus, sugarteara on neocites was born! and here it will stay :D

dont want me to describe myself to you? here's a hand-selected series of totally-not-fished-for ways my friends describe me!

"nephro is god if he was on coke, koolaid and alt tiktok all at once" emi

"lobter real!!! Lobter… have swag B)" liminal

"A cool lesbian lobster, preeetty cool" konnor

"um um um@um umm my precious partner my little tiepnsy the love of my life my favorite guardianwaaa" jelly

"Greatest guardian of all time" starfruit

"Fucking lober ever" archer

"blue fucker" sorin

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ONLINE OTHER THAN THIS SITE" the cookierun-funtalk channel of here. . also my instagram and my twitter, unfortunately. one day there will be a big art site like the old days of deviantart and i will be there. also, nephro#8008.