short entry for today, haven't had energy to do anything other than go to walmart with my dad for an hour today. he's taking my friend and me to an aqarium tommorrow. expect pictures. lots of them. and espessially of the rays ^_^

also, i made an instagram account, which you'll find on my about now. or if you don't want to go there, @mocharaycookieswife.


wow, this place exists. first blog entry, always the hardest! today went well, i'm an hour from "accidentally" forgetting a video conference with someone i don't like as i write this.

even having some personal place online to myself, free of judgement, brings me relief and joy and some nostaglia of when i'd spend my youth on the older days of roblox. certainly time wasted, but in a good way, goofing off with online friends i only knew by usernames, and nothing else. not even pronouns were something you'd share online back then. kinda miss the anonyminity i had there, but then again, i shouldn't have lied about being over 13 just to access chat in the first place. not like anyone follows that ever. oh, also, almond cookie is released in ovenbreak tonight! i would say i don't like almond cookie, but its more the fanbase anyone like him -- a middle aged "intimidating" man -- collects in fandom culture. tumbly sexymen, they call it, and god, i am annoyed. just look at anime boobs like a normal person, jeez.

that should be enough, maybe. back to renovating and writing on other pages i go!

- nephro, the next-best neocities blogging newb