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since i've met the love of my life! thank you so much for being there, jelly!

my girlfriend, jelly, means the world to me! we got together because of a tarot reading and have been through thick and thin ever since. we're bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, joycons and joystick drift, the rich and being pieces of shit. i would never give up anything for jelly, and they wouldn't either. jelly is also a cookie, specifically, melon bun cookie, which is really cool. i think devsisters should let us get married canonically.

if you see this, jelly, i love you so much. per the old words, your love brought spring to my endless winter, but i mean it as much as She did. you healed me, you saved me, and for that, i cannot say enough. i'll be the knight, forever, i'll be the follower, and i'll sacrifice everything for you.

you can find my lover in a few places, but generally, on twitter and tiktok, both as @j3llyp0g. give them a follow, they deserve it and everything else in the world.

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