I feel most real when I'm not myself, emancipated, liberated from my human shell








stylesheet from esme

mochalob art from mudd

17 auitistic adhd-er cptsd-er schizotypal lainpilled recovering shut-in who thinks the unabomber kinda had a point despite being the most terminally online person in its area

my main interest rn is cookie run but only ovenbreak and i dont associate with the fandom at all. kingdom players i hate ur guts personally

i also like roblox and splatoon and arms and nge and lain and i do art for my interests

i listen to a lot of music and i particularly resonate with whatever the fuck machine girl is doing

i am lobster cookie i have been here since my release anyone who claims to be is a FAKE.

mocha ray is my wife!!! my canon wife she is so good and soft :)

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