my spirituality and psychological beliefs involve a large dealing with an alterhuman identity, which for me, is both torn between being a past life and being, well, the me that is typing this. i'm fictionkin, with some dozen or so kintypes picked up, including otherkin ones.


none dozen of the timelines i've been around have been as vividly felt, remembered, visually and audiotorially, as the one for my life as. uh. uhh.

this fucking thing. that's me. if you're confused already, i'm lobster cookie from cookie run: ovenbreak!!

and while i could go on a rambling about myself here, it's probably better for the both of us if i just link some source material for viewing here. less convulted by my memories of things from outside the events that concurred, and that you can see in that collaspible!

As long as the Crystal-Clawed Guardian draws breath, none dare endanger the Lost City of Sugarteara. Denizens of the depths have heard of Lobster Cookie's feats, but no one knows when or how the sentinel took up the vigil of defending the city. The guardian's thick hardened shell shows the immense passage of time and many a battle scar. Rumor has it that Lobster Cookie sacrificed a claw to protect the city. There is no doubt that this intrepid defender would not hesitate to sacrifice the other claw if it ensured the safety of Sugarteara. While patrolling the dark depths, Lobster Cookie catches a glimpse of a reflection in the Crystal Claw. A somber face glares back, brow furrowed in deep thought.

seems like a lot? it kinda is. sorry in advance. but i also assure you it's worth it, because my existance is very cool!! also kinda maybe sorta tragic..

there's a few more trinkets on this site i'd appreciate if you checked out related to my alterhumanity, by the way.